Adios England.

So I’m sat in Heathrow departure lounge, eating a ham and cheese baguette ready to jet off on an overnight flight to Johannesburg. The time has come. Shit. It’s real now. Ha, no going back.

I’m all on my own. I’ve spent the day with the parentals in London and said bye to them a while ago. That goodbye was ok; mainly because I didn’t look at them, gave them a quick hug, promised to keep myself safe and ran out the door. Literally.

I’m a bit weary now; I’ve had such a busy week doing all the last minute stuff, being in millions of different places and getting a leetle bit drunk. I’m ready to get on that plane and sleep. Sweet sleep.

I’ve had so many messages today, it’s been a bit overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who’s been in touch, I will miss you all lots and lots. I promise to take care, blog loads and take lots of photos.

My mum said on the way down she’s most worried about me being stalked by pygmys with poision darts in the jungle. I’m not quite sure where she thinks I’m going or what I’ll be up to. I told her I’ll watch out for them.

Please keep in touch while I’m away. There’s loads of different ways:
This blog
Google Hangouts


I’m starting my travel photo of the day tomorrow when I get to Joburg. And so it starts.


Let’s not say goodbye…

Today I said goodbye to two of my most precious things. My cat and my car. Not goodbye in that sense, they’re both still alive and kicking. Jinx has gone to live with my ex-husband and Mister Too has been sold. Because of my travelling.

I move out of my house next week and can’t take Jinx with me. And I certainly can’t take her round the world with me. So my ex-husband came over tonight for a bit of tea and then took her back to the house she used to live in before I moved here. I know she’ll be well looked after, well loved and will be in familiar surroundings. It doesn’t make it any easier though. She’s been my cat for nearly 10 years. We got her when she was 3 or 4 from the Cats Protection League. Sim wanted broadband, I wanted a cat. We got both.

She’s a top cat. Cute and tiny. Black with a little white tip on the top of her tail, like it’s been dipped in paint. She’s got one white whisker amongst the other black ones. Stands with one front leg in the air sometimes. Head-butts a lot for attention. Sits on me in the mornings in bed when she wants me to get up and feed her. Knows when I’m upset or sad. Ignores me when I’m dancing round the house like a loon. Runs down the stairs to see me when I come home. Falls off things because her balance is a bit rubbish. Sneaks into cupboards when I’m not looking if I leave them open. Has the cutest miaow. Sticks her tongue out sometimes. Drinks my water when I’m not looking. Tries to eat my dinner. Stands on my computer when I’m typing.

She’s arthritic now, with hardly any teeth because she’s getting on a bit. But, she still runs around, is fluffy, full of life and hasn’t gone brown yet. She’s amazing, And now she’s gone. The house is already so empty without her. I’m very sad. I’ll go and see her before I go though. And I know she’ll be OK. Doesn’t mean it’s easy though.


And Mister Too. My lovely car. I’d had him (yes, it’s a bloke. All my cars are blokes) for nearly 6 years. I loved him. And I wouldn’t have let him go unless I had to. So nice to drive, I could just chuck him into corners and he’d stick to the road. Mostly. A few corners I might have had a few hairy moments. But, you’ve got to find the limits though, yes?

It was so nice to just drop the roof down and take off when the sun is shining. I did this quite a bit in the summers. But I also had the roof down in the winter. You know the, the odd people in their convertibles with their hats and scarves on in the winter. I thought the same before I got him. Weirdos. But, now I understand. I’ve been part of that club. Plus, he did have heaters. I remember one Christmas, the day after Boxing Day driving home with the roof down. Crisp dry winter day with the sun shining. I’ve also driven in the rain with the roof down. You don’t actually get wet as long as you drive over 50 mph, speed-style. And of course, driving at night in the dark with the roof down. Now that is special. Especially in the summer. Warm. Fresh air. Stars. Magical. I’ll miss him. I’m doing better with letting my cars go though, when I sold my last one (JR, my mini) I pretty much cried non-stop all day. Yep, all day. I still miss him.


I didn’t cry over Mister Too. Progress. I did cry over Jinx. Expected.

Tomorrow I go to Amsterdam with some mates for the weekend. I’m ready for it. Bring it.