Day #23 23.01.16

Today was a Ronnies Sex Shop (deliberate no apostrophe) t-shirt day. In between doing BMF, having a haircut and going out with BMF buddies at night I lazed around at home. This t-shirt is from South Africa and I wouldn’t really wear it outside in real life as I’m not that keen on the idea of walking around in public with the word Sex splayed on my right boob. So it’s saved for home use only. Loungewear if you will (ha! Loungewear=all the old/shit clothes that are so comfy they’re nearly falling apart or you wouldn’t be seen dead in public).



Rain, rain and more rain.

It’s a rainy day today here in Hoi An. Still warm (around 25-26 degrees), but very wet, and doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon. When it rains here in Vietnam, it really rains. Even going out in a coat you get drenched. So, there’s not a lot else to do but hole up in the hotel room or a cafe and read, eat, sleep or faff around on the internet.

So that’s today’s plan. I’ve got a new book to start so I might read that. I might start a bit more research on what I want to do in Australia. I might upload some photos to my online storage and get them off my memory card. I might rearrange the stuff in my backpack. I might update my Spotify playlists ready for the next bus journey that is 24 hours long.

It’s a bit frustrating when it rains. Because although there’s stuff to do, it’s stuff I don’t really want to be forced to do, I’d rather do it when I want to, not have to. I want to be out and about today. We were going to hire bikes to do a bit of exploring further out. Hopefully we’ll be able to do it tomorrow, hopefully the rain won’t last that long.

I feel lazy too if it’s a rainy day, with nothing more to do than sit about and eat and not move. I run in the rain back home but this isn’t rain to run in. This is monsoon-type rain. No way can I run in it. I’ve kind of come to terms with the lack of exercise I’m doing, and the fact it’s much, much less than what I did back in the UK, even when I’m walking about all day. Yep, I’m just OK with the fact that travel is coming first for a bit, but days like this don’t help. Most days I try to do a fair bit of walking as a minimum.

I’m mainly clinging onto the fact that I can step up the fitness a bit when I am in Australia in New Zealand. The weather will be better (not so humid), running will be more acceptable (less likely to be stared at so much, which gets really wearing after so long) and I might even be able to join in with others through running clubs or meet ups. I’m also hoping that maybe I can perhaps go to a couple of fitness classes or do a bit of swimming or something. I know I can get back into it, I know it won’t take long, but I know I’ll pretty much be starting again. Having to build up from where I was. 6 months not doing a lot is a long time. Hopefully I won’t injure myself. Hopefully it will be easy. But I don’t know.

We’ll find out.

But I do know that when I can, I’ll be back on it, bigger and better. And I can’t bloody wait. There’s nothing like taking something away to make you appreciate it, and realise how important it is to you.