Day #72 12.03.16

This is it! The last day of BMF Cheltenham’s Hell Week. All week we’ve been mud running, double sessioning, burpeeing, sweating, lunging, swearing and collapsing.

Today was marked by a 10K mud/obstacle run somewhere off the A46 north of Cheltenham. It was a gloriously sunny morning that saw us all rock up with more enthusiasm that we probably should have had, although I suspect this was more to do with the bar that promised us some gold nectar should we manage to drag ourselves over the finish line.

There was lots of running. Now, I love running, and I know other BMFers like running but after Hell Week it was the last thing we wanted to do, especially up the little hills. It took all my strength to get my legs around that course. Doing something like that is all about the people you do it with. I was with such a great bunch of supportive people who kept me doing and dragged me round (quite literally at one point, by the hand and pushing me up a hill by the bum). And the fact the course wasn’t the 6.1 miles it should have been, rather it was 7.78 miles made it all the more sweeter, and that pint taste all the more golden.

Nice job BMF Cheltenham (and Worcester). Well done.



When I was little I was a right tomboy. I had short hair, never wanted to wear skirts or dresses and wanted to be a boy. You’d find me doing everything my brother and his mates did. Normally stuff that involved being outside, getting dirty, running around, on my bike, making stuff, climbing things, exploring. You name it, we probably did it.

I’ve not really changed. Ok, so my hair is longer. And I wear heels sometimes. And I don’t want to be a boy any more. And I do love getting dressed up in a frock every now and then. But I’m not into the WAG look. You won’t find me in a tiny dress, huge heels and no coat on a Friday or Saturday night. Not my style. I don’t really like clothes shopping and I can’t be arsed with spending hours in the bathroom getting ready. I don’t wear loads of make up and I’m not into typical girl stuff. I guess I’m not really your typical girl.

I still love getting dirty, being outside, running around, climbing things. Like today’s race; The Wolf Run. 10K muddy obstacle race. It’s the 3rd one I’ve done, and by far it was the muddiest one yet. I also picked up the most injuries – covered in bruises, scratches, grazes and lumps. To some people this would probably sound horrific and they would wonder why the hell I’d choose to spend my Saturday wading through mud, running up hills, falling over, injuring myself, getting cold and wet all in the name of fun. To me I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday. After all, everyone’s different.

So I suppose you’d probably still call me a tomboy. And that’s just fine by me.