Day #52 21.02.16

Nothing better than getting your tea cooked for you, especially on a Sunday because this means it’s a Sunday roast. With mega roast potatoes. Finally – someone else who doesn’t like their roasties crispy. Thank you ūüôā


Day #31 31.01.16

Sunday, the¬†end of the week. Today I’ve mainly spent my time on the sofa feeling more and more¬†crap. I have the lurgy (winter cold) which is extremely annoying as I felt so healthy, energetic, rested etc two weeks ago when I came back off holiday and now I feel ill, exhausted and run down. I thought I’d last a bit longer than¬†this before sucumbing!

I’m also really tired as I’ve had a few late nights and early starts this week so tonight I was pretty pleased to get into my bed.


Sunday night ponderings.

I like Sundays. I know not everyone does. I often work from home on a Monday so I don’t¬†quite¬†have the same Sunday night blues as if I had to get up and drive to the office,¬†although I have booked myself into spin tomorrow morning at 6.30am for some odd reason.

I also love living on my own. Today I have mainly been pottering around at home not really doing that much apart from my ironing and moving stuff around in a bid to convince myself that I am actually sorting things¬†out and getting rid of stuff I no longer need (I’m not of course). I had a conversation with some friends last night about how spending time alone means that you think lots, or can mean you think too much and need distractions. I¬†have realised that random things have been swirling around my brain tonight and so I thought I’d¬†share them as I’ve been wanting to write for a few days now but didn’t really know what to write about so this seems as good as any to curb my itchy fingers for a bit. In no particular order:

  • Are¬†cocktail sausages are an acceptable evening meal, and¬†is¬†eating a massive¬†chunk¬†of halloumi cheese in one go any way nutritionally beneficial? The excellent thing¬†about living alone is that it actually doesn’t matter as there is no one else around to judge. Oh, and grilling halloumi smells like pancakes. Which is annoying¬†as I now could eat a pancake with lemon and sugar.
  • Will I ever be able to watch a whole TV programme without¬†doing something else at the same time again? Probably not. Stupid smartphones/internet and having the attention span of a gnat.
  • Why is the reason “I’m just not that happy” not enough for some people to change something? There doesn’t have to be a big thing, or a big reason. You can ignore the other excuses. You know, the “well, it’s mainly OK” or, “I can’t do XYZ because it will affect ABC”. Live your own life for yourself. If you’re just not happy, then that’s a perfectly valid reason to make a change.
  • I never used to like beetroot but the other month¬†I was given some by¬†Shelley and I realised it was actually pretty nice. I can’t stop eating it now. Perhaps I will turn purple. I’m pretty sure it’s classed as a superfood though, but I don’t want to google to check just in case it’s not and I’m actually eating my body weight in empty calories or something. I do that enough with alcohol and Maltesers.
  • DS¬†Troy was the best sidekick to Barnaby in Midsomer Murders. The other two were OK but not quite the same. My boss at work, James, looks very much like¬†DS Scott. This disturbs me a little bit and I still think of it every time I see him and sometimes send him screenshots of the TV if the programme is on. Ha.
  • Why¬†are some people so obsessed with relationships? Either being in one if you’re not, about not being in one when you are, or in other people’s (or lack of). Some people find it hard to understand that I quite like being single and that I’m actively NOT¬†looking for a relationship. Yes, still – I know it’s been a while now since I got divorced but hey, there’s no time limit. And don’t forget the 2 year ‘thing’ with The Marine, it’s not been that long since that finished, and he’s kinda hard for someone to follow. So please don’t tell me that I need a good bloke or that I must want company, I am actually telling the truth when I say I like my own company and I’m happy!
  • I AM¬†going to do Dry February. Alcohol, even just a couple of drinks, can fuck with exercise and food plans, and sleep. If I’m going to get fitter (something I want to do over the next couple of months) then drinking isn’t going to help. And yeah, I know I probably should have some more refined ‘SMART’ goals about what ‘fitter’ actually is, but come on, this is me. That’s FAR too rigid. Let’s leave it fluffy and ambiguous.
  • Social media can be a twat sometimes. Or rather, people can be twats on social media. Same thing really, same outcome. Sometimes I hate it all and I realise that one of the things I loved and that did me good on my trip away was the break from it all. Ironic then, that I am writing this on social media. It’s a double edged sword. It can be so useful, great, educational, connecting and social. But also it’s a massive time, energy and attention zap, or I find myself being transported into different lives that look much more exciting than my own and it makes me start to think about what I want to do with my life. Or there’s so much going on I don’t know what to get involved with. So many things, not enough time.¬†I find myself so conflicted thinking about how I want to live my life and the place of social media in that life. Sometimes living in a hut in the woods is so tempting, haha.
  • I¬†want to get some pictures for my flat.¬†I need two big ones, and I want one I want to be a painting that I commission. I wonder how you go about finding an artist?

There’s more but well, it’s all a bit dull isn’t it? Life can’t be all exciting all the time. Sometimes I love these lazy pottering days, they’re needed. Apart from the eating of the nutritionally shit food. That’s not needed. One day I’ll not be tempted to eat big blocks of halloumi. But man, it tastes so good….

Sunny, snowy Sunday run.

Woke up to snow this morning. The sun was shining. So I leapt (well, not quite but the thought was there) out of bed and into my running gear. No particular distance or aim in mind, just to get out and run. I ended up doing 13.2 miles. Half marathon distance. At not far off my half marathon race pace. So theoretically I should be able to run faster at my next half marathon race (whenever that is), because you always run faster in a race. And today’s pace was fairly comfortable. I shall try that out at some point. No half marathons entered this year yet.

Running such a long way/time means you do see quite a bit on the way round. I get to day dream a lot. And think.

– lovely scenery as I did the first 9 ish miles off road
– having a little chat with the same people walking their dogs each time I passed them (I was on a loop)
– the feeling of getting to the downhill bit each time; my legs were in heaven
– great feeling of running on snow
– the helpful man who told me to be careful on the pavements as they were slippy (he told me this as he struggled to stay upright, I thanked him and trotted off, as sure footed as a mountain goat)
– the feeling of running back on pavements after 9 miles on uneven ground. My ankles thanked me.
– acknowledging other runners with the special runners nod/smile

– the amount of dog shit I saw on the pavements in Lincoln. Clean up after your pets people, especially where people walk.
– at about 9 and a half miles my hands started to get cold. Really cold. I had gloves on but they are only thin. I could just about use my keys to get into my house when I got home.
– at about mile 11 my legs started to get weary. The last couple of miles felt like I was running through treacle. This is when you have to use mind over matter.

I was telling someone how my legs hurt after doing some hill sprints the other day. They said to me that the pain is my legs thanking me for using them to their full potential in their own special way. I liked that. I’ll remember that when I’m running up Steep Hill again.

I also saw this quote the other day (it’s from T.S Eliot): Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go. You can apply this to anything really, but definitely applies to running.

You’ll find out how far you can run when you can run no more.