Runs around the world #3

Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK

OK, so, again it’s still in England. And it’s a run that I’veĀ kindĀ of done before. The Marine pointed out when we were in London that I shouldn’t include runs I’ve done before because I said I wasn’t going to, but I’ve decided to include this one because, well, I want to. It was a Glorious Run and deserves the write up, and I did run a bit that I hadn’t before.

Today’s run was 11 miles in total. Out from Lincoln along the River Witham to Five Mile Bridge and back again, with an extra bit stuck on at the end through and up the High Street. So quite a long run. I haven’t been for a weekend (yeah OK, I know it’s Friday but no work so feels like a weekend) morning run for what feels like AGES so I was well looking forward to this one. And it didn’t disappoint. Firstly, the SUN shone for a large majority of the time. This is Unusual. It was glorious to see the big yellow thing in the sky. It was so lovely and slightly warm that I took my long sleeved top off and ran most of the way in a T-SHIRT. Yes, that’s right people, A T-SHIRT. Such an amazing feeling.

It was the first run in a while where I wasn’t thinking “bloody hell it’s cold, can’t wait to get back”. I had my headphones in, running along in the sun. I enjoyed it. Running for the pure fun of it and enjoying every second, not once thinking about being pleased to stop or get back inside in the warm. Haven’t done that in a while.

I smiled, waved or chatted at people as I passed them. There were quite a few people out and about down the river path. Most people acknowledged me, apart from one runner and an older gent. Both occupied in their own worlds and thoughts. I got a runners wave from another runner. I contemplated making up a runners salute back but the moment had passed.

I had no idea what was down the river path. I still don’t know how far it goes. I know it at least goes to Bardney because there was a sign at Five Mile Bridge (funnily enough at 5 miles from Lincoln). From here it’s another 5 miles to Bardney. Which means it’s another 7 miles from that bridge to my parents house (although those last two miles won’t be along the river). So just over 12 miles from Lincoln to my folks house down that path. Really not that far. So in a few weeks I’m going to run to their house one day. Doubtful I’ll run back but that’s what my dad’s truck or my mum’s car is for.

All along the path are signs about the river and it’s uses in days gone by, benches to sit on and some arty sculpture things. There are two metal cows about 4 miles in. They’re quite pretty so I stopped to take a picture. I wonder how many people from Lincoln will ever know they are there, or, ever see them. I guess 4 miles is quite a way to walk, and there’s probably a lot of people that don’t even know that path exists. And of course, a huge majority that wouldn’t want to or couldn’t care less.

One of the things I love about Lincoln is that from pretty much anywhere in town, within just a few minutes you’re out in the countryside, with lots of green stuff to look at. Great balance.

Only one thing: I need new runners. These ones are battered, have ran too many miles and have no support. They are, to be frank, buggered. A job for this weekend I think.

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