Trains, planes and…other public transport.

Trains. Public transport. Don’t you just love it. I actually do. Well, maybe love is the wrong word. But I do like it. I find it really interesting. So many people watching opportunities.
I’ve done more of it since selling my car. And I’ll be doing a lot more over the next year. Which I’m sure will be an experience. Because you never know what you’re going to see.

Today on the train I saw:

-A girl who goes to some of the same exercise classes as me.
-A guy I chatted to on the way home from London last time. Poor bloke, he got talked at a lot then because I’d had a few beers that day. I didn’t speak to him again this time.
-A guy who had a book, some dairy milk and was swigging some merlot from the bottle (he then promptly fell asleep on the table).
-The guy who looked put out when asked to move to let a lady get to her pre-booked seat until he realised what she was asking.
-LOADS of people with headphones in (me included). It reminded me of The Matrix; everyone plugged in. Made me feel a bit sad; like the world has become anti social. I didn’t take my earphones out though.

Then there’s the scenery. You don’t get to look at so much stuff when driving a car. It’s nice to sit back, relax and enjoy for a change. No worries, no concentration needed.

I just like watching. Looking at the world and the people in it.