Day #58 27.02.16

The annual Zambia reunion (sadly minus the flakey Ciaran who screwed his dates up) took place today. No selfie sticks were used in the making of this picture. 

I was actually trying to lay across everyone as they said that would make a good picture, but I decided this one was actually better.


Day #50 19.02.16

This weekend saw visitors from The Shire (Lincolnshire) in the form of Laura and Holly. Ditching the husbands and kids for the weekend they braved the motorway boredom on a Friday afternoon to come see me and have a night on the Cheltenham tiles. Before heading out to help break my Dry February spell there was a quick facetime to say night to the kiddywinks back home.




Day #36 05.02.16

I’d planned on going back to Cheltenham today but as I didn’t have any plans until Saturday night I decided instead to make an impromptu trip to Boston to visit some very special friends. I’m one of those people that love unexpected visitors so I kind of assume that everyone else does too. Although, I tend to know out of my friends who actually does and who hates it. These friends were not those that hated it. Luckily. Kim was happily surprised to see my face pressed against the door (or did a good job of pretending).

I’ve known Rick & Kim for 13 years and a lot has changed over that time. We’ve had many a drunken night, trips abroad, weddings, babies (them), divorce (me), fancy dress parties, mixing, dancing, Brewdog, Buzz, 5am sunrises, jean fuck-ups and cocktail and bling parties. But one thing has remained throughout: they’re top friends and I love them dearly.


Lincoln town.

I love living in Lincoln. It’s a fab little city. [Pretty much] everywhere is within walking distance, there’s lots to see and do. The Bailgate is my favourite bit. It’s old, wonky, pretty and higgledy piggledy. Loads of nice buildings to look at, and of course, The Cathedral. The thing that you can see from miles away. That when you see it, you know you’re nearly home.

Yesterday the sun was out. Had a nice walk up to the top of Steep Hill to a new fudge shop (sea salt fudge=Amazing) and a beer by the Brayford. It was almost like summer. But not quite so warm. I’m going to miss Lincoln. Especially this summer. Wandering around all the little streets, taking photos, running round by the Cathedral and lazing around in the beer gardens.